Dive into Angry Apes:

Fisticuff Battles of the Primates!

Prepare yourself to witness unparalleled brawls in our newest masterpiece — “Angry Apes.”

A world where monkeys don boxing gloves and show no mercy awaits you!

Each ape boasts a unique profession, be it fearless Pirates, mighty Fighters, or the theatrical Luchadors. Each one possesses distinctive abilities and flair.

Engage in various combat modes, from the unrestrained battles of “Every Ape for Himself” to strategic clashes in “Team vs. Team.” With every victory, your apes earn in-game currency that can be spent to level them up, enhancing their skills and altering their appearance.

Customization plays a pivotal role in "Angry Apes."

Advancing an ape’s stats not only shifts their combat style but also introduces individual elements to their look, making your fighter truly unique.